Sunday, 31 May 2009


My room is so hot that I can’t sleep in it!
Therefore I watched Twilight instead and am now sitting by the computer.

I have been given very different views about this film. Adults seem to hate it, whilst teenagers love it.

Teens love it because of the all consuming love story, the thought that somewhere out there, there is someone just for you and they would live and die for you!

The adults hate it for pretty much the same reason. The thought that someone would love you so much they follow you and climb thru your window at night just sounds stalkerish too them and I can understand that. After all you don’t want you’re kids thinking that is a healthy relationship.

So what did I think?

Well I…liked it. It’s a good film, and though I see why some adults would find it worrying it seems more likely to me that they’ve forgotten how they felt at that age, because at that age when I fell in love I felt just like Bella, sadly my choice of blokes were nowhere near as good as Bella’s. I mean everyone in my school hated my guts so any guy I liked avoided me like the plague, which in retrospective probably was for the best!

But I remember that feeling of loving someone so much you would die if they didn’t love you back. And thou thinks never work out the way they do for Bella and Edward I appreciate the sentiment.

I think that to feel something that intently is worth aspiring to!