Monday, 25 January 2010

Back in England!

Came back to England this morning.

Yesterday I was walking around Sao Paulo feeling a bit chilly since it was "only" +21 degrees. Today I've been walking around in +5 degrees feeling like Im going to freeze to death.

Yesterday I had no worries.
Today I've been on the phone to my credit card people since my bank screwed up the direct debit I set up. Can I prove it? No I wish! I set the payments up with one of my banks staff (Barclays), me on one side of the table whilst she was tapping away at the computer. I've written down on a piece of paper how much I wanted the payments set up as (sorted all my bills out at the same time, normally I like to transfer the money myself every month for all my bills but since I was going to be away for 3 1/2 months that wouldn't have worked), but now find out the CC was set up as £20 lower. Meaning I havent been paying off enough money each month, meaning I lost my 0% promo that was running til dec 2010 and actually now owe more money then when I left!

So yeah not all that happy to be back.

Oh and one more disaster, a big one! I was having issues with one of my cameras memory cards (long storry ending in the fact that the pics appeared to have been erased from the card) and I was going thru the rest today when I realise another one wasn't working either. I took it into a camera shop who kindly tried their best to save my pictures (Station road cameras in Reading who are now my personal heroes) after PC world told me they couldn't (but they did tell me to try the camera shop which was very good of them) and they saved most of my picture thou sadly far from all were rescued. Also it appears my movie footage's arent vieuable. This making me very sad since it means I lost the only footage of me Paragliding (I filmed myself and the vieu), which was quite an event seeing I don't do well with hights. But I will double check with the camera shop tomorrow that the films definitly are lost or if I just dont have the right program to vieu them.

So Im happy a lot of the pictures are saved, but as I'm sure you can guess not very happy that they needed saving in the first place. It appears a faulty card reader was to blame, which is especially ironic since I got the card reader so I could copy the images onto a USB as a backup incase something happened to the cards. Meaning me trying to be smart and save the images is what destroyed them!

I end with a picture from Brazil showing what I miss...
And promise I will update blog with the rescured pictures very soon.