Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I could be anywhere else but here...

Just got a pang in my stomach making me wish I was still travelling.

This pics shows the small building we were sleeping in on our first night in the Jungle. The building was very basic but look at the outside!

This is the fabulous view from the hotel we were staying in after the basic hut. The hotel was called the Shangri La and was gorgeous with a fabulous view!

Same view but from another direction during daytime. 3 of us lived on the top deck with by far the best view!

Fiction writing

Does anyone know of a good site where I can find someone to read stuff I have or am writing for any grammatical error and/or crap storyline etc?
I don't want anyone I know doing it so would prefer the anonymity of The Net to help me on this one.
Any good ideas twidlypeeps?

Monday, 17 May 2010


An once again she says what I think!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Prins Charming!

Being a woman you grow up being told the fairytale's were Prince Charming comes and sweeps you off your feet.
That all sound wonderful until I realised if Prince Charming ever actually did show up at my doorstep I would be going more along the lines of "what do you mean I can't lift that" "no I am not wearing that silly poffy dress" and "what on earth makes you think I couldn't beat you in a fight!"
So yeah I am as far away from a damsel in distress as they come, no prince Charming for me!

Perhaps I can have a
Wolverine instead.

He wouldn't want a shrinking violet around anyways so perhaps I am in with a chance there (yeah right and I'm sure there was a draft coming from Hell earlier)

Monday, 3 May 2010

Why can't I have my cookie and eat it!!

Slowly getting older I am feeling more and more stressed at picking something in my life and sticking to it!

What the hell am I on about you ask (well most likely you aren't asking that, but I'll tell you anyways)!?
At the tender age of 29 years old I am NOT:
-Enjoying steady employment
-Owner of my own house
-Owns a dog
-Have children
-Have money in the bank for a rainy day

You get the idea.
The reason I have none of these things is because every time I make enough money I blow it on travelling. Recently I have taken this to a completely new level and I can't wait to bugger off again!
Now this wouldn't be a problem if all I wanted in life was to do temp jobs in between travelling, but sadly I want sooo much more.
I want to Travel the world, be a journalist, a writer, run my own company or at least be boss of a big company, own and build my own house and of course be a successful Jewellery designer!
Oh and at some point I would like to own a dog :-)

Now I am smart enough to know I can't have all of these things, maybe one or two if I am lucky. The question that is driving me insane is, How the hell do I choose? And if I choose one thing does that mean I will sit there when I am old and grey and go what if...?