Monday, 3 May 2010

Why can't I have my cookie and eat it!!

Slowly getting older I am feeling more and more stressed at picking something in my life and sticking to it!

What the hell am I on about you ask (well most likely you aren't asking that, but I'll tell you anyways)!?
At the tender age of 29 years old I am NOT:
-Enjoying steady employment
-Owner of my own house
-Owns a dog
-Have children
-Have money in the bank for a rainy day

You get the idea.
The reason I have none of these things is because every time I make enough money I blow it on travelling. Recently I have taken this to a completely new level and I can't wait to bugger off again!
Now this wouldn't be a problem if all I wanted in life was to do temp jobs in between travelling, but sadly I want sooo much more.
I want to Travel the world, be a journalist, a writer, run my own company or at least be boss of a big company, own and build my own house and of course be a successful Jewellery designer!
Oh and at some point I would like to own a dog :-)

Now I am smart enough to know I can't have all of these things, maybe one or two if I am lucky. The question that is driving me insane is, How the hell do I choose? And if I choose one thing does that mean I will sit there when I am old and grey and go what if...?

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