Sunday, 24 October 2010

Pictures of Reading.

The other morning I took my Camera with me when walking to work since it's such a beautiful walk. On the day in question it was also very cold so plenty of frost on the ground. I know scenery pictures can be a bit boring for other people to watch but I just thought it looked so pretty that I had to post some.

The local gas tower, not the prettiest sight in the world but it is part of the scenery so felt wrong to not include it.

Walking to work on a glorious day like this always cheers me up :-)

Big baby swan!

Isn't he cute, it's like he believes I can't see him if he keeps really still.

If you look closely you can see the steam coming off the water

Questions questions..

If you want to start up on your own (so to speak) who can you ask or where can you go to find out if you need any certificates such as health and safety and/or insurances?
I mean it's easy enough to just go along with an idea but then you don't want to be buggered because you find out you needed something that you didn't have.
I Know that if I do start my own business idea I need to register and I need public liability but other then that I don't have a clue.
How do I find out?

Saturday, 16 October 2010

I finally solved the riddle...

I was going through Swedish songs on YouTube. I guess I was feeling a bit melancholic remembering my youth (don't ask me why because I honestly don't have a clue) and I came across Björn Afzelius. Now he and the Hoola Bandoola Band is one of my mums favorites so I grew up listening to him a lot.

Now this song is my favourite:

I used to play this song over and over again when I was young and suddenly I realised why I turned out the way I did, and more importantly its due to my mother.
It's because I listened to song like this about following you heart and doing the right thing and living dangerously etc. So technically it's my mus fault because she played the songs ;-)

Anyways for the once of you that aren't Swedish the song title means Nine lives and it's about all the crazy things he's done in his life and the crazy things he hopes his kids will do because the idea of not doing any of those things petrifies him, because it would be a boring life.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Christmas Craft Fair

I've just created a Facebook page for the Christmas fair I'm arranging on the 27th of November. It's the first event page I've ever done so still getting the hang of it! If you are interested in seeing what will be for sale etc please check it out and tell your friends too :-)

Christmas Craft Fair

27th of November 2010
All items handmade.
Coffee and cakes for sale.
Come in from the cold and support local artists whilst buying Christmas presents!
Above RISC and the Global Café in Reading