Sunday, 24 October 2010

Pictures of Reading.

The other morning I took my Camera with me when walking to work since it's such a beautiful walk. On the day in question it was also very cold so plenty of frost on the ground. I know scenery pictures can be a bit boring for other people to watch but I just thought it looked so pretty that I had to post some.

The local gas tower, not the prettiest sight in the world but it is part of the scenery so felt wrong to not include it.

Walking to work on a glorious day like this always cheers me up :-)

Big baby swan!

Isn't he cute, it's like he believes I can't see him if he keeps really still.

If you look closely you can see the steam coming off the water


  1. Really nice photos! :) I might be going to Reading in mid-November. With work. Trying to get out of it though, as I really can't see why I need to go there when I could just as well do that work from the office, but yeah... we'll see how it goes!

  2. ...Okay, guess I'm going. :]

    Anyway. I was wondering if you know any free wifi hotspots in Reading? Starbucks require you to get a Starbucks card apparently, and there are four McDonald's, but perhaps something a bit nicer to sit down in than that, like a pub or such? :)

  3. Reading is OK, not brilliant or anything but people do travel from quite far away to visit the shopping mall (Oracle) not sure why thouh since it just have all the normal shops in it. As for Wifi I will need to find out. There is some nice cafe's etc but I don't know if they got free wifi or not. I'll check when i'm in one of them and let you know :-)