Friday, 27 November 2009


Today is my birthday! And I´ve just spoken to my boyfriend, my best friend and my parents. Before that I was feeling a bit down not having any of them here but now I´m happy!

I also checked my Facebook and all the lovely people whose wished me a happy birthday. So now all is fine.
Tonight I am going out for dinner with my gap group to celebrate my birthday, which wont be as fun as if my friends were here but should hopefully still be a great time.
I can wait to post pics of the stuff I have done so far thou anything water based I dont have pics since my camera isnt waterproof.
I´ve been Paragliding and Rafting and Tubing, I also had the chance to do a bungyjump but I chickened out! :-)

Picutures will follow in due time. I still have pics of Vegas I can post. But wanted to just do a quick post today.

Tomorrow it´s onwards to Peru!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Grand Canyon

Right now I am in Ecuador in an Internet Cafe. Tonight I will meet the rest of the group Im going with and they it´s of to the Amazon.

I succeded in uploading some pics from The grand Canyon, Vegas and New York. So thought I´d do a quick post with some pics form the Grand Canyon atleast, to start with.

Sunrise over the Grand Canyon
Me and my fellow band of very cold explorers!
Like I said, it was cold...
Steph and Markus looking over the edge
Markus up a tree
Steph admirering the vieu
And on the way back we stopped at the hoover dame.

Hopefully I will get more pics but I wont worry about that until I get home.
The Grand Canyon was beautiful and if you have to decide between seeing the the Grand Canyon or the Niagara Falls I would vote for the Canyon.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Last week in the states

OK, now I am in Las Vegas. I'm afraid this town might be slightly wasted on me since I am not a gambler and don't understand why anyone would build a town in the middle of the desert just for gambling.
But I am looking forward to seeing the Grand Canyon which I am driving to tonight with a bunch of couchsurfers.Then we are staying there for the night and will look at the Canyon in the morning.

Then Monday I an going to LA which will be my last stop before South America. Which I am flying to on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

I had a great time in New Orleans (Halloween was interesting).
Then I flew to Seattle where I had nice weather for 1 1/2 days before the rain and thunder started making the rest of my visit there were grey and dull.

Then I flew onwards to San Fransisco, flying into SF as great with the sun shining. My time there was absolutely fabulous and I definitely think it as one of the highlights of my trip. Then I took the greyhound bus to Las Vegas then once in Vegas public transport to my couchsurfing host. At this point I wanted to kill someone! All in all I travelled for approximately 18 hours! IT WAS HELL!.
If the bus hadn't been so full it might have been slightly better but you never know beforehand do you.

Some people have warned me about the greyhound and the dodgy people on it but I had no real issues, I mean some of the bus depos were a bit dodgy but there was never any problem on the bus, thou the guy that sat beside me from SF-LA went to smoke weed every time we stopped then dozed himself in perfume to hide the smell, meaning I had the stink of weed and way to much perfume, sitting just beside me. Not very pleasant.

But no one was scary or really annoying or anything so for that reason I don't mind going on the Greyhound, But the seats are quite uncomfortable and when you are stuck there for hours it can be a bit tough. Also there depos can be locate pretty much anywhere. So sometime you are close to town and public transport whilst sometimes it's a bit of a trek with your bags.

So on Monday day/evening I shall be in LA, thou I guess I want get to do much since I wont have much time there before I leave for South America. Thou I would like to see the big Hollywood sign and perhaps go to the beach. We shall see,oh and I need to post some stuff home. Other then that I shall be taking it slow before part two of my trip starts.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Trip part 2 or is it 3...

In New Orleans.

Sorry I haven't been writing much (not that it matters since no one is reading it but still ;-)). But apparently the states is not a good place to go for Internet cafe's. Brilliant for free wifi points thou but since I haven't got a laptop a bit pointless for me. I've had access in a couple of places but things have been pretty much manic since I started this trip.

Now I am in New Orleans (like the first line states). I like it here!
The swamps are beautiful and I've seen alligators, snakes, turtles, birds etc.
If you like drinking it's also a great town, thou I must admit that bores me after awhile. Got some nice streets and areas and most people are friendly and helpful. I've meet some great people!
They also have loads of great food. Oh and live music which I love.

Halloween was quite a culture shock for someone like me that don't generally celebrate Halloween, and I got some amazing pics that I can't post because I didn't bring the camera led (sorry) and the computer I'm on can't take XD cards.

Anyways that is all for me for today. I'm sleepy and need to hunt for food ;-)