Friday, 27 November 2009


Today is my birthday! And I´ve just spoken to my boyfriend, my best friend and my parents. Before that I was feeling a bit down not having any of them here but now I´m happy!

I also checked my Facebook and all the lovely people whose wished me a happy birthday. So now all is fine.
Tonight I am going out for dinner with my gap group to celebrate my birthday, which wont be as fun as if my friends were here but should hopefully still be a great time.
I can wait to post pics of the stuff I have done so far thou anything water based I dont have pics since my camera isnt waterproof.
I´ve been Paragliding and Rafting and Tubing, I also had the chance to do a bungyjump but I chickened out! :-)

Picutures will follow in due time. I still have pics of Vegas I can post. But wanted to just do a quick post today.

Tomorrow it´s onwards to Peru!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Lina! Trekking through Ecuador and Peru is such a fantastic way to celebrate. I also enjoyed your last post with pics from the Grand Canyon. So glad to read that your trip has been going well.

    Oh, and getting married in Vegas was totally planned. Not into big church weddings and thought Vegas would make a fun trip for everyone. Take care and all my best to you!