Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Richard Armitage

Watched North & South on Sunday. All 4 episodes in one go.

Had never seen it before and now I'm sold on Armitage. I mean the guy is sexy in Robin Hood but I never really watched it and didn't like his character.
But now...
The guy is sex on legs!

And he's a really god actor in North & South, the character suits him down to a tee.

Me jealous...
Ok will stop drooling now...

Sunday, 26 July 2009


Was deleting pictures because my computer is too clogged up, and found some (well loads actually) of pictures from the second time me & Jeff was in India.
So I decided to post some, due to the amount I will split it into sections and do It as more then 1 post.
I wish I could show pictures from my trip around Europe or the first trip to India but that was my pre-digital camera era :-)

First time we went we were with Indian friends the whole time so this time we wanted a week without them, which we spent in Delhi.
We were planning on travelling further away but British Airways lost my luggage and it took them a week to get it back to me.
When they did they delivered it to the wrong hotel and had ruined half my clothes by getting the bag wet somehow (before putting it into a plastic bag whatever the logic in that might have been). Also there is no one you can call whilst waiting for your bag, we had to travel all the way back to the airport to get any kind of answers.

And BA refused to pay me back for the ruined clothes! This is why I these day try to avoid travelling with them if possible, because I can live with them losing the bag but the way they treated it was appalling.

Also since I am a tall and broad shouldered woman I couldn't by any clothes that fit me. So the first week I wore tops that where too small and bought a pair of trousers for men. Also I could get hold of nickers but no bra my size so kept having to rewash it by hand every day. It did put a downer on the tip since we were hoping to go to Jaipur and ride on Elephants which we didn't get time to in the end because of British Airways.

Busy streets of Delhi. We lived in whats supposed to be the dodgy area. Well I think their dodgy area is safer the our nice areas.
Look at all the cables, that's how they get electricity :-)

Me in gemstone heaven! The first time we went we couldn't really find any, but this time we found a whole street full. Also as you can tell the top was a bit on the tight side, not my fault all their woman are so small :-)

A rooftop restaurant where I could actually get some food. To elaborate, thou I am quite willing to try all foods once, spicy food really don't agree with me. First time in India I lost 2 dress sizes because I lived on rice & water. Also Jeff liked it because they sold beer (not all places sell alcohol).

Our street at night.

Then we went to Derhadun where a friend of mine is from.
As soon as we could we borrowed a small motorbike and drove up Missouri Mountain. We both love it there, and whilst Delhi had still been hot we were going in late Autumn so the mountains were quite chilly.

Going up the mountain

And almost at the top looking down.

The first time we took lot of pictures of the town on the top, sadly we didn't this time so unless I scan some of my other pics onto the computer you will just have to imagine it.
And this is on the way down.
Also on the way down Jeff made noises at a monkey which pissed him off and made him chase us halfway down. Sadly the camera was packed down in my bag so no pic :-(

Me looking over the edge.

Some beautiful scenery when going down.

When also visited this place one day. I can't remember what it's called but they are like an organisation looking after the forests. Had a nice museum inside. And the building was so big It wouldn't fit into the picture.

Late cup of Coffee in a Cafe with friends.

Me learning how to ride a bike. I was a natural! Didn't fall once. :-)

As we where there my friend's cousin was getting married so we were invited to the wedding. The first time we went we were also invited to a wedding which is actually why we went. This time it just happened to be at the same time.

So this is me going to be measured for an outfit for the wedding. Apparently I'm not gracious enough to get to wear a sari so I had to go for what they call a suit.
Also as you can see I now have my own clothes to wear that actually fits!

If I post anymore I will post pics of the run up for the wedding and maybe the actual wedding too. :-)

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Today I got told something you don't hear often...

"Spiderman just checked you out"

Today I was at the London comic con. It was fun thou it was the first time I went and I wasn't sure how to go about things.
Next time I will make sure to book some stuff in advance. For exaple I really would have liked to be at the Twilight talk but it was sold out! But I did go to a Star Wars talk.

The outfits were great! I didn't take that many pictures of them thou.

Also the camera didn't like the room much, and kept giving me blurry pictures (yes it was all the camera's fault not the crappy photographer ;-P)

Thursday, 9 July 2009

I have the distinct feeling that due to me planning this trip that I am very much looking forward too, this blog can now be looked upon more as a travel (or run up to travel) blog and less of a mad rant blog. But then again I do still rant an people will probably still refer to me as mad so maybe it's a bit off both.
So if you like to travel please contribute with comments about places you have been or give advice about things I need to do (or not do) etc. And if you don't like travelling you probably wont be reading this blog anyway. :-)

Monday, 6 July 2009

I'm going on a Holi Holi Holiday!

Back from holiday and at work! Now I am planning for my next step! And my secret planning can be revealed

I have decided to take a trip to America. I'm hoping to travel thru North America and to stop in New Orleans for a while, best thing would be if I could do some volunteer work there for a month. I might be female but no one could accuse me of being weak and feeble & I would love to help restoring New Orleans even if only for a month. Then to fly over to South America from New York and join a tour trekking with a group, starting in Ecuador and finishing in Brazil (Rio).

One of the problems is (the biggest problem) money. It will be quite expensive to do all of the above and thou I do have some money saved it wont be enough so now I need to work out how to make enough, and how much enough is.
Might take evening job to make more (if possible).

Also looks like I might be out of a job end of august, I'm only s temp but they are laying people of then so I will probably go to. Can't make enough by then, also my rented room don't run out until end of September, don't know if I should keep it whiles gone (and pay rent for a place I'm not using) or give it up and have no place to stay when I get back. Also need to make sure I at least have £1000 for when I get back in case I have problems to get a job and prob even more if no place to live.
My dad thinks I should split the trip in 2 and do 1 part go home then go back to do 2nd part. I see his point because I could then pay for it in 2 and have more time to make enough but think it would work out more expensive and I'm planning on looking for a good job I enjoy doing when I get back so can't really swan of for months on end again once I find it.

Decisions decisions!
But no matter how horrible the run up will be I think the trip will be worth it! :-)