Monday, 6 July 2009

I'm going on a Holi Holi Holiday!

Back from holiday and at work! Now I am planning for my next step! And my secret planning can be revealed

I have decided to take a trip to America. I'm hoping to travel thru North America and to stop in New Orleans for a while, best thing would be if I could do some volunteer work there for a month. I might be female but no one could accuse me of being weak and feeble & I would love to help restoring New Orleans even if only for a month. Then to fly over to South America from New York and join a tour trekking with a group, starting in Ecuador and finishing in Brazil (Rio).

One of the problems is (the biggest problem) money. It will be quite expensive to do all of the above and thou I do have some money saved it wont be enough so now I need to work out how to make enough, and how much enough is.
Might take evening job to make more (if possible).

Also looks like I might be out of a job end of august, I'm only s temp but they are laying people of then so I will probably go to. Can't make enough by then, also my rented room don't run out until end of September, don't know if I should keep it whiles gone (and pay rent for a place I'm not using) or give it up and have no place to stay when I get back. Also need to make sure I at least have £1000 for when I get back in case I have problems to get a job and prob even more if no place to live.
My dad thinks I should split the trip in 2 and do 1 part go home then go back to do 2nd part. I see his point because I could then pay for it in 2 and have more time to make enough but think it would work out more expensive and I'm planning on looking for a good job I enjoy doing when I get back so can't really swan of for months on end again once I find it.

Decisions decisions!
But no matter how horrible the run up will be I think the trip will be worth it! :-)


  1. Sounds amazing and is something I've always wanted to do,especially trek through North/Central/South America. Thanks for revealing your trip plans!

  2. Your more then welcome! :-) have a feeling I will be babbeling about travel plans a lot in the future. Probebly to the point people will want to kill me! :-)