Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Richard Armitage

Watched North & South on Sunday. All 4 episodes in one go.

Had never seen it before and now I'm sold on Armitage. I mean the guy is sexy in Robin Hood but I never really watched it and didn't like his character.
But now...
The guy is sex on legs!

And he's a really god actor in North & South, the character suits him down to a tee.

Me jealous...
Ok will stop drooling now...


  1. What she said!
    He's hypnotic.

  2. He sure is! I love those eyes :-)

  3. Hi - I found your blog by Googling Richard Armitage and 'blog'. I found Richard through North & South but ended up really enjoying his Guy of Gisborne. If you'd like to learn a little about what makes this actor tick, check out a fantastic interview with him at a book blog called Vulpis Libris. His interview was posted on July 8th.

  4. I think he's a good actor and plays Guy of Gisborne well but I don't like the script. I LIKE Robin Hood & the script players just took a brilliant story & mangled it! So I don't watch it. But if I did it would be because of him.

  5. Right on! RA is amazing as Thorton. I first saw him in N&S and was a fan that instant. I'm glad you found my blog! Keep visiting. :)