Monday, 26 April 2010

My boss is lovely!

I had to work Saturday! It was a last minute cock up and someone had to cover a Saturday shift, now this someone by deduction also had to be me.
I was NOT happy, in fact I haven't been more unhappy in a long time.

Especially since the job was working for a company that I morally disagreed with but also because I was getting paid less then I would for my Monday - Friday job, because I had to cancel lunch with someone I hadn't seen since September last year and because I was supposed to go to storage to change space (and since I couldn't lost £25 meaning I after working all Saturday made approx £17 before tax).
Now my boss (who is lovely) wasn't in and didn't know until very last minute that I would have to cover it. Not that this in anyway made my mood anymore sunny.
But when I came into work this morning she popped in to see me to say thanks and to give me this:

I know some people will say it's only flower etc. But true as that may be I had already done it so it's not like I needed to be bribe or anything, so the flowers were a lovely gesture and a very pretty nice smelling gesture too :-)

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Hiking in Wales

Better late than never. These are the pics from the Couchsurfers weekend away hiking in Wales. These pictures were mostly taken by my boyfriend Jeff. I was supposed to upload them ages ago but never had the time, so they have actually all been done by Jeff and all I'm doing is writing the heading ;-).

This is the beginning of our hike

Then loads of gorgeous scenery

Whilst we were there we stayed in a bunkhouse with some other people. On the Saturday evening we made a campfire (well actually someone else made it we just had to get our butts out to it).

Sunday morning (day of departure) when we were all hanging about to lazy to leave.

Bye bye gorgeous bunkhouse!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Just felt like sharing..

Sara Bareilles is one of my favourite singer/songwriters. This song is one I kept listening too nonstop before I went on my trip

Also check out Sara's collaboration with another great singer Ingrid Michaelson (who is also one of my favorites) I just found a song they did together today and it it of course brilliant, and here is the link. Also here is a something about when they made it.

Monday, 5 April 2010

I'm watching Grey's anatomy and eating dinner (dinner being a sandwich) whilst trying really really hard to stop thinking of the Goblin King! It is not going well...

*sigh* Well what can I do? My brain has decided to obsess about him, not my fault will just have to let it pass by it self. Just like I had to do with my Wolverine obsession, I mean that only lasted.. well about 16 years so far and I'm expecting it to pass any day now!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Goblin, fairies and trolls

Anybody who knows me well knows I live in a fairy tale world all off my own (or like people call it: lala land).
Also I have a tendency to get unhealthily obsessed with the strangest of things. The best example of that would be my obsession with the X-men comics, I started reading them when I was about 12-13 years old, and never stopped.
When I was younger I was really worried that I would one day grow out of my fairytale mind. I remember looking at adults and thinking that one day I would be like them and only live in the "real" world. But this year I am turning 30 and it's very clear that I will never loose this mind of mine (unless I go senile when older or something) so for that I am very grateful.

Anyways the point of this rant was to share with you all my latest obsession, I was recently introduced to this children movie from 1986. I had never even heard if it which I feel is a great pity, but at least I have found it now.
The movie was called the Labyrinth and has the amazing David Bowie in it playing the Goblin King!

Now I have never actually had the hots for David Bowie (and still don't), but the Goblin King,!
Also the girl Jennifer Connelly (now a grown up actress playing in movies such as Blood Diamond and He's Just Not That In To You) is a good actress and seem very sweet.

So my advice is twidlypeeps. Watch this movie (if you haven't already)! The storyline is actually really good and David Bowie is awesome as the Goblin King and I'm not just saying that cause he's hot as the Goblin King (which he is), he's also a really really good actor.

There is really only one think wrong with the movie. It ends the only way it really can end but the ending does leave the desire for a sequel. This coming from the woman that even though she loves X-men (and especially Hugh Jackman) wish they would stop making sequels to the movies since they are mucking it up more and more. This movie thou practically begs for a sequel and so am I.
So please please please if someone important reads this, please make a sequel. This movie needs an ending and I'm quite sure whoever has seen it knows what ending I want.

Also how come I can't seem to find any good fan fic for this movie? I've found some but so far nothing good. I want some where the characters haven't completely changed personality! Just some simple what happened next stories but so far no luck :-( If anybody knows of a good Labyrinth fan fic please share. There is loads of great X-men fics out there so there must be atleast one good labyrinth fic too.

Oh and Karin, have you seen this movie when you were younger? If so shame for not telling me about it! And if you haven't then I'll bring it next time I go home and you can watch it with the kids.