Monday, 20 October 2014

Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth

Things are a bit crap at the moment and I am surrounded by negativity, you know,  the kind that slowly drains you of all your energy and joyfulness. There is also this bunch of friends who are aware of the current events and who are (as friends do) trying to help, however most of them (thou luckily not all) are reciting to me the worst case scenarios hoping that will somehow help and jolt me into making a decision which I am telling them I am not yet ready to make. Like I do in most things I need time to decide what road I should follow this time around, and if I make the wrong decision it should at least be mine not somebody else’s.

But as hard as it is I am refusing to be drained or coerced into anything,  so in this midst of despondence I’ve decided to make a list of all the things that are still good and shiny. The things that gives me a reason to get up in the morning and to assume that things will get better.

1: I can make jewellery again and I am in fact doing so. I would like to make this the top three reasons I’m happy but as its just one item I’ll make it one point. I just wish I could describe just how happy it makes me.  

2: My RA has been well behaved lately which is sort of connected to point one and also deserves more than one mention. I am having a small flair up at the moment but its minor compared to past aches and pains and only mentionable because of how well I’ve been feeling up until now. As over the last 2-3 weeks its almost been non-existent, until now.

3: I’ve been volunteering more and it made me remember why I started which was due to the lovely people I met there. Hanging out more with them is making me happy :)

4: The people who has understood why I need to make my mind up and aren’t pushing me to make a decision. Makes me very grateful to have them.

5: The belief some people have that I will come out on top, simply for being me. It’s nice to know someone trusts in you.

6: Think I’ve gotten better at Lindy Hop. Turns out I’m more of a lead than a follow, go figures!

7: A minor thing but the weather has been lovely lately and it makes me happy to be outside. Simple but true…