Sunday, 25 April 2010

Hiking in Wales

Better late than never. These are the pics from the Couchsurfers weekend away hiking in Wales. These pictures were mostly taken by my boyfriend Jeff. I was supposed to upload them ages ago but never had the time, so they have actually all been done by Jeff and all I'm doing is writing the heading ;-).

This is the beginning of our hike

Then loads of gorgeous scenery

Whilst we were there we stayed in a bunkhouse with some other people. On the Saturday evening we made a campfire (well actually someone else made it we just had to get our butts out to it).

Sunday morning (day of departure) when we were all hanging about to lazy to leave.

Bye bye gorgeous bunkhouse!


  1. Hi Lina! Much too long since I last touched base. Hope you're having a happy spring. Love these photos. The scenery is breathtaking. I'd very much like to hook up with you on the trail sometime =)

  2. Great pics lina and jeff! And nice to be reminded of this weekend after a while! We should always appoint someone to post pictures two months later! ;) Cheers, Jeroen

  3. Theresa: Nice to hear from you! How are you? Everything OK I hope. I would love to meet on the trail sometime, lets meet up in Africa or somewhere cool thou :-)
    Jeroen: Yeah sorry about the wait we are awful. Also I went thru the pics again after Jeff had posted them and found even more I liked so give me another 2 months and I might add some more ;-)

  4. ser jättefint ut. erftersom jag gillar att vandra så blir jag lite avundsjuk..

  5. Vi får väl hika tillsammans någon gång :-)