Monday, 26 April 2010

My boss is lovely!

I had to work Saturday! It was a last minute cock up and someone had to cover a Saturday shift, now this someone by deduction also had to be me.
I was NOT happy, in fact I haven't been more unhappy in a long time.

Especially since the job was working for a company that I morally disagreed with but also because I was getting paid less then I would for my Monday - Friday job, because I had to cancel lunch with someone I hadn't seen since September last year and because I was supposed to go to storage to change space (and since I couldn't lost £25 meaning I after working all Saturday made approx £17 before tax).
Now my boss (who is lovely) wasn't in and didn't know until very last minute that I would have to cover it. Not that this in anyway made my mood anymore sunny.
But when I came into work this morning she popped in to see me to say thanks and to give me this:

I know some people will say it's only flower etc. But true as that may be I had already done it so it's not like I needed to be bribe or anything, so the flowers were a lovely gesture and a very pretty nice smelling gesture too :-)

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