Sunday, 1 November 2009

Trip part 2 or is it 3...

In New Orleans.

Sorry I haven't been writing much (not that it matters since no one is reading it but still ;-)). But apparently the states is not a good place to go for Internet cafe's. Brilliant for free wifi points thou but since I haven't got a laptop a bit pointless for me. I've had access in a couple of places but things have been pretty much manic since I started this trip.

Now I am in New Orleans (like the first line states). I like it here!
The swamps are beautiful and I've seen alligators, snakes, turtles, birds etc.
If you like drinking it's also a great town, thou I must admit that bores me after awhile. Got some nice streets and areas and most people are friendly and helpful. I've meet some great people!
They also have loads of great food. Oh and live music which I love.

Halloween was quite a culture shock for someone like me that don't generally celebrate Halloween, and I got some amazing pics that I can't post because I didn't bring the camera led (sorry) and the computer I'm on can't take XD cards.

Anyways that is all for me for today. I'm sleepy and need to hunt for food ;-)

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