Thursday, 15 October 2009

Last day in Boston!

Today I feel knackered, don't know why.

Yesterday I did a tour of the Freedom trail and went to the museum of fine arts. Both were great but by the time I'd been in the museum for 2hours (it was BIG) I was having problems keeping my eyes open.

On the way to the hostel I had one of does strange moments. You know how you can remember thing by their smell and then you always associate that thing with that smell. Well I was walking down the sidewalk when I felt this smell, and first I couldn't remember what it reminded me off only that it was a pleasant memory and then it hit me. When I was little I collected porcelain dolls and I used to have a favorite with black curly hair that I would drag around, and i would snuggle up to her and the nap of her neck smelt just like that.
Yes I know that's weird and all but it's what it reminded me off.

I think it's a pity I have to leave Boston today but I don't have time to stay any longer and I don't want to miss out on everywhere else! Hopefully the greyhound buses wont be too bad.

Turns out STA in the UK didn't know what they were talking about, they said I could just go in and give them the voucher then book the date & time I wanted. Turns out I can't book in advance just have to show up and get it done there and there if available and if the bus transfers anywhere then that's a new booking meaning tonight when I go to Niagara Falls I might get stuck in Buffalo. So not amused with STA. I mean it's quite important details to mention, especially to a woman travelling alone in a country where she knows no one. Also so far everyone has been really helpful except the Greyhound bus people. So far I've spoken to 4 representatives at the station and they were all really rude!

When I get to Niagara Falls I am doing my first time ever couchsurf! What that means is I am staying on someones couch. It's this brilliant website that lets you try and find people who you would get on with in the town where you are going and then stay at theirs (and vise versa). I look forward to it and think it will be a good thing. Hopefully I will find someone in NY too but I doubt it since it's a bit last minute now.

OK will get on with stuff now :-)

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