Tuesday, 13 October 2009

In Boston now!
Have booked in to the hostel where I'm staying and had a shower. They got some activites on tonight (bowling or comedy evening) so am just deciding what/if I should join.
Should probebly go hunt for food first thou.

Apparently my mobile don't work here at all, can't even receive or send texts :-( Will need to hunt for new mobile tomorrow.

Miss home already, which I realise it quite sad, but I'm tired and lonely in a new town so I'm allowed to feel that way. Tomorrow will be more woho I think :-) But not being able to text my friends are more annoying then I would have thought it would be, quite sad how used you get to does old things.

Using internet at the hostel. Facebook wont work proberly so can't even say hi to everyone that way.

Wondering what would be most fun, bowling or listening to comedy. Think I'm probebly to tired to bowl, but then again I might fall asleep if watching comedy :-)

OK well that's all for today will updaye once I have more.

Oh and so far Boston seems like quite a beautiful town, and thou it is quite busy, it's not as busy as I thought it would be :-)

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