Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Fiction writing

Does anyone know of a good site where I can find someone to read stuff I have or am writing for any grammatical error and/or crap storyline etc?
I don't want anyone I know doing it so would prefer the anonymity of The Net to help me on this one.
Any good ideas twidlypeeps?


  1. Hmm, depends on what you're writing, I suppose. There are some communities, like Fanfiction.net and various forums, but they tend to be a bit specific on what you can post, and also, you might not get constructive criticism, just "awesome story!!!" or "it sucks!" - neither are very helpful! I've also been wondering where to turn once I finish the story I'm currently plotting, but as I have hardly written anything, it's not going to be an issue for a long while yet.

    That being said, I love to read people's stories and give feedback on them (both for grammar and spell checking as the actual content), as it's a great way to learn things about your own writing and not just others. And we don't know each other either! So if you want me to have a look and give comments, just give me a shout! :) Doesn't matter if it's in English or Swedish.

  2. Thanks for the offer! I might take you up on it but I'm not sure.
    The stories I'm writing at the moment are a bit more smutty (that might be the wrong word)then I've ever written before, but does have a storyline so I'm still at the stage were I like to use a pseudonym so there is no chance of anyone figuring out I wrote it. Just in case it's crap!
    But if I stop being worried about someone reading it who kind of knows who I am you will be first on my list.

    I used to write shorter stories that everyone was allowed to read when I was younger in Sweden but they were in Swedish and my swedish spelling used to be excellent (probebly a bit rusty now) but I know I have some spelling (I keep mixing up similiar sounding words) and grammar issues in English.
    But yeah thanks for the offer something might be coming your way:-)

  3. I'm with you on the pseudonyms. I'm trying to figure out one, but haven't come up with one that feels right yet.

    Smutty - not a problem. (You should see the sort of filth we produce in the setting of a roleplaying game! ;))

    Sometimes it can be confusing to write in two languages. In the autumn, I did a creative writing course in Swedish, and kept getting accused of using anglicisms! Which was annoying - especially when I definitely hadn't. Do you prefer writing in English or Swedish? I prefer English, I think, because I prefer writing dialogue in English. Just need to work more on describing things. Oh well, all writing is practice! :)

  4. I used to love writing in Swedish but living in England (and having an English keyboard) it just seems like a better idea to write in English.
    Though I have the same problem as you, I've notice that when writing in English I don't seem to describe thigs enough.
    Oh and bye the way I would love to try roleplaying some time. I've always been interested in trying it out especially real life once where you get dressed up and everything, but since none of my friends are in to it I just never have. Thou I keep thinking about maybe going to the English medival one.