Sunday, 29 August 2010

Nothing ventured nothing gained...

I have been thinking for a long time about arranging a place for people to sell there art objects (and mine) but I’ve always chickened out. I mean you have to hire somewhere and get posters and flyer's done. Then you have to find people to take part so you pay for the cost of renting somewhere then you have to make sure you get people to come (because can you imagine how horrible it would be if no one showed up?).
And I guess that I’m mainly worried I would screw it up.

Now I am the most organised person that I know (especially when I put my mind to it) and I believe I know a lot of people in Reading, but it’s still scary.But then what’s the point if I don’t do it? I mean isn’t that at least ten times worse then if I do it and it goes badly, because otherwise I will always be thinking what if…

So I’ve looked into it and even reserved somewhere and on Tuesday I have to give a definite answer and sign myself up (or not).

So if I do and whoever reads this lives in or around Reading, you better come along and have a look or I will be miffed!

As it stands the plan is:

Place: Above the Global Café in Reading
Date: 27 November (which just happens to be my birthday too).
For sale: All things handmade!

If you make stuff and think you might want to take part let me know and I’ll send you details.

I just hope I am making the right decision!


  1. I currently have the same conundrum... Wondering whether or not to participate in a Xmas fair in Derbyshire early November or not. It's only £15, which would mean I'd need to sell about 3 items to break even... but I don't know. Wands are "a bit" of a niche product...

    Good luck with your stall if you do decide to go for it! :)

  2. I think you should do it! Even it you dont sell 3, make sure you bring businesscards and perhaps you get more sales off that?
    I was worried cause I am planning on organizing the whole thing so forking out almost £200 then seeing if I can find enough people to take part (and they pay me for a table so I should work back the cost). I decided to go for it so I think you should to :-)
    Also I like wands! What do you make them out of?