Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Good vs Bad

Sometimes you look at the world and the amount of evil is enough to take your breath away. The newspapers and TV news show us stories about murderers and rapists, drug dealers and tyrants. Many times I have heard people whose opinions I value sound like they have lost the hope in humanity, in the face of this all consuming evil they just don't know how to proceed.

This blog post isn't about how hopeless things are or how evil is taking over the world, in fact it's quite the opposite. You see the thing which is easy to miss in the face of all this hate & greed is that the number of good people far out way the number of bad, it's just that good people don't generally make a lot of noise but bad people do. In fact they make so much noise that it appears to be more of them. Sure one bad person can make more damage then ten or more good people for example by blowing up a bomb or selling drugs or starting a freaking war! But whilst that is incredibly awful the fact still remains, most people are good not evil. And that is a good thing, a thing which in itself gives hope. I know that there is countless arguments about the fact that good people need to do something to stop the bad people etc. and I agree there are loads of things we could and should do.

But my point is, as long as there are more good then bad people in there world that must be something worth clinging to.

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