Sunday, 14 September 2014

Maybe i'm just a tinker/traveller at heart

My nephew is planning to go backpacking, which I think is a wonderful idea. However its making me remember my travels before I got ill and how badly it hurt when I had to cancel my plans after being diagnosed. Its also making me think about the fact that I am a lot better now and in theory could go travelling, just as long as I'm back after a month (or maybe as bit later) to keep up my meds and blood tests etc. I have to admit I've been toying with the idea of going travelling when we get told they are getting rid of our department, not that I have admitted that out loud to anyone. However the sensible part of me think its time I decided what to do "with the rest of my life" so spending all my money on a last hail Mary might be awesome but in the long run might not be the best idea. There must surely be a way I can do both? 
Or failing that, a shorter trip that doesn't muck up my job prospects...

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