Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Been thinking a lot lately about what I should do for a living. I mean it would be great if I could make jewellery full time but even if i could I think I would want a "normal" job too.
I know it's sounds strange but I like to work, and I really want a job were I use my brain, work with nice people, can put loads of effort in but be rewarded for it too.
I want a job were I have quite an important position and were I can have a career.
To explain:
I would enjoy working somewhere like an art gallery (it would appeal to the artist in me) but I think the actual work would eventually bore me because lets admit it, it requires social skills and maybe some art knowledge but no real brain work.
That came out wrong. I know it requires skill and work etc but it's not exactly solving world starvation.
I want something challenging (thou perhaps not solving world starvation kind of challenging).
Also right at this moment I'm not in a position to find this brilliant job because I have some plans in between. If it started in January next year that would be perfect.

Any ideas?
Yeah right! Like things ever just work out like that, but I will persevere and find the job of my dream to fit around the life of my dream etc. Only problem is, my dreams are dead confusing and strange at the best of times.

Oh, on that subject, guess what I dreamt last night!
I'm really quite upset BNP got voted into the EU Parliament and last night I dreamt they were taking over the UK. Here comes concentration camps for immigrant and gays etc. *brrr*
Lets hope it was just a creepy dream and not so much a vision of things to come.

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