Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Need input!

As a female about to travel thru North America I do have somethings I wonder about.

How safe it is to travel on my own? I have common sense so know not to trust strangers or walk down dark alleys at night etc, but I do still want to go out in the evenings and meet people so if anyone knows what towns I'm safest to go out in and what areas I should avoid etc please let me know.
Also suggestion of bars etc that would be fun for a single woman to go to are appreciated!

I'm am wondering about the following places:

New York
Washington DC
New Orleans
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
San Fransisco


  1. Lonely Planet is an excellent guide and addresses topics like traveling alone or to out of the way places
    On their site, I found this interesting thread about storage lockers at Greyhound terminals, etc.

  2. Oh goody will check! I know there used to be lockers in america (just like in sweden) but thought they might all have been removed due to terrorists. They did in the UK (and removed all bins in stations).