Monday, 31 August 2009

Bad day today!

In a foul mood today! So I'm watching DVD's to cheer myself up, and listening to music, and eating crap...
Right now I've finished wathing a movie so having a break. Listening to music and decided to post some pics of men I find attractive. For no other reasen then looking at attractive men cheers me up! And I need cheering up.

This is the man of my dreams!

Sadly he's not real :-(

But he does have a real life counterpart! Mr Hugh Jackman

And he's number one on my list (well after the real Wolverine ofcourse)

Richard Armitage (who does look a bit like Mr Jackman)

TJ Thyne, he might play a geek in Bones but I have a thing for geeks (atleast really sexy geeks)

Anglina Jolie, yes I am aware she's a girl but she's sexy

John Barrowman and yes I know he'a gay but he is still dead handsome and it's not like i'm likely to get any of the other guys just because the're straight so who cares.

I have no idea who this guy is except for the fact that he looks really hot in a Gambit aka Remy Lebeau outfit (I found it on the net)

I do have a thing for made-up characters, here is a list:

Mr Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp (thou I don't find Depp attractive, only Sparrow)

Spike aka James Marsters who I do find attractive both as Spike and himself.

Riddick aka Vin Diesel

Well that's all from me :-)


  1. All very yummy. Thank you for sharing your list =)

  2. jag gillar också den där killen i Bones. Fattar inte varför..

  3. Det är ju något där bara :-)