Sunday, 30 August 2009

It's getting closer!

I am making my trip come together. This is how it's most likely going to look.

Land in Boston:

Spend 2-3 days in Boston, maybe 3 if I can go from there to Niagara falls & then back, otherwise 1 night in Niagara falls as well.

Then Greyhound to New York. Spend 3-4 days in New York.

Then Greyhound to Washington DC. Spend 3-4 days Washington DC 3 days

Then Greyhound to New Orleans thou I will probably need to stop on the way and sleep somewhere, unless I can stay on the bus the whole time. Spend 5-6 days in New Orleans.

Then either the Greyhound to Houston and spend 1 day there or fly (via Huston) straight to Los Angeles. Spend 3-4 days in Los Angeles.

Then Greyhound to Vegas. Spend 2-3 days in Las Vegas

Then Greyhound to San Francisco. Spend 3-4 days in San Francisco

Then Greyhound to Seattle. Spend 5-6 days in Seattle

Then fly from Seattle to LA & then over to South America (because for some reason that's cheaper then flying straight from Seattle).

Now I will work out how many days I will actually get everywhere and how much rooms (or dorms) will cost. And also how long I need everywhere since that depends on what I want to see. So next I will post list of thing I want to do etc.


  1. Sounds like a great itinerary. When you're in Seattle, spend some time in West Seattle It's my old neighborhood and has the best view of the Seattle skyline. Alki Beach, Lincoln Park, Schmitz Park, The Junction
    A nice way to spend an afternoon away from the bustle of downtown. Plus, I'll expect photos =)

  2. Thanks for the tips, will check out the webpages (when my internet feels like working :-)). Any tips of what to see and do is really appreciated! :-)

  3. You should check out for all that ttreveling, could minimize your costs significantly and you most likely get real good hosts who can show you the best parts of their town! I've been there many years and thinks its a fantastic way to travel.

    Sound like an awesome trip, jealous that all I do is go hiking lately ;)

  4. Thanks for the tip. Will check it. Going treeking too for 60 days thru South America after I've done North America :-)