Monday, 28 December 2009

And then...

Yes I know Im bad at updating. If you want to read someone that updates regularly check out my sister's blog.
As for me I am after all travelling and computers arent always plentyful here in Bolivia.

Since the Inca Trail I have done loads of things!

I have visited Lake Titicaca
Were we did 2 nights of homestays.

Joined my new group and gone to the Salt Flats were we spent Xmas.

The hostel on the first night was brilliant and all made of Salt.
But the place we were at on xmas (the 24th) wasn't as fancy but we made it as xmassy as possible.

Visited some silver mines (were I was forced to climb down a rope which I did with as little grace as possible and a lot of healthy fear)

And now enjoying a lovely town called Sucre.

For New Years we are supposed to be in Santa Cruz in Bolivia and supposedly spending New Years in a waterpark (if open)

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  1. jättefina bilder Lina! Du måste ha fått massor av nya vänner nu =) underbart.