Thursday, 25 February 2010


This is the first art of my trip with pics (well the once that were saved anyways) And we start in Boston on the 13/10/09.

I wish I had an image of what I saw when the plane was flying in to land in Boston. Looking out the window I saw so many trees and greenery, all in different shades of green, red and copper. The autumn colours where gorgeous and it had a calming effect on my nerves as I was getting ready for the first day of my 3 ½ month long adventure.

The airport was smaller then I thought it would be, and cleaner.
It was a good start to being in the states. Finding the right bus was a bit harder but not too bad. The worst bit came in getting to the hostel. First going by bus from the airport lugging my big backpack around and then trying to get onto the right subway, squeezing into a confined space with the bag, and of course it was boiling as all subways seem to be. To then find the place from the station was no easy task, the instructions left on the hostelbookers website being about as useful as a soup spoon with a hole in it. I asked a young woman what direction to go, she in return sent me down the wrong way (why people rather make something up then just say that they don’t know is beyond me) making a 10 min walk turn into a 40min walk, with a 23kilo heavy bag on my back and a smaller one in front.

HI - Boston Downtown hostel was better then I had expected (this being my first hostel experience). The bed was reasonably clean and so were the bath rooms. They also gave you a pair of flip flops to use in the shower whilst you were there. And best of all, breakfast was free and it was bagels every day. If rating them from 1 to 5 (5 being best) I guess I would give them 3 1/2.

The first night I wasn’t planning on doing anything but soon found out that hostels generally have some event on every night. I could either go bowling or go out for an evening of comedy stand up at a local pub. I decided to go for the comedy evening since I was quite tired and therefore thought bowling would be a bad idea.
The show was pleasant enough and the stand-up OK (but not brilliant) and I went to bed tired and happy.

On my second day in Boston I bought a mobile phone to use in the states (for texting home) and then I went exploring. I did a tour of parts of the freedom trail then went around looking at buildings and taking pictures. One thing I noticed was the amount of squirrels (soo cute) and the fact that they didn’t seem afraid of people. The weather in Boston was surprisingly a lot colder then England but clear and crisp so still nice.

Boston is actually quite a beautiful place and I enjoyed walking around.

If I don't remeber incorrectly that dome is covered with leaf gold.

And this is the funniest thing . Apparently there was a famous General and his surname was Hooker.
So guess what?! Someone came up with this sign to show where the entrance to his office used to be when he was alive:

In the evening I went to the Museum of fine art. They have free entrance on Tuesday evenings. The museum was huge and very very good. After that I was so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open.
And then finally on the third day I got on a greyhound bus and continued my travel onwards towards Niagara Falls! The bus was actually really nice and new with big but uncomfortable seats.

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