Thursday, 11 February 2010

Quick update

So I have now been back in the UK for just over 2weeks and I am starting work tomorrow! And on Saturday I am moving into my own place (well room). So everything is going forward as it should.

I am already busy planning away at my next trip as well as what I will be getting up to here in the UK. For example I am planning on going hiking in a couple of weeks time at Brecon Beacons in Wales with a bunch of Couchsurfers, well that's if everything goes to plan. I also have loads of other stuff I'm looking into that I will of course share here.

On another note, I have decided to go through all my pictures that I have left (since a lot of them were destroyed) and post the best ones on here. I will soon start a diary post were I go through what happened on my trip. Since I did kind of keep a diary so should have quite a good idea of what happened when (thou I don't promise anything).

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