Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Medical trial

Session two of my medical trial is tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it, this is due to a couple of reasons.

1: Whilst the doctor is nice he is pants with needles and I am a big wimp. This means there will be pain and discomfort.
2: I have to walk around nude in a medial gown (except for nickers) and then have stuff put on my chest, so embarrassing and generally unpleasant.
3: The medical trial will in no way help me medically.

So why do I do it?
Well because it might help someone else and I guess that makes it worth it in the end. After all if no one had done medical trials for the stuff I take I never would have gotten the medication and wouldn't be getting better, so I can't really turn down the chance to help other people and still face myself in the mirror no matter how uncomfortable, painful and embarrassing it might be.

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