Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Sherlock Holmes

A new series of Sherlock Holmes has started on the BBC. If you were unlucky enough to miss the first season but do have access to the BBC I suggest you watch it. I found the first 4 episodes very entertaining and the 1st episode of this season did not disappoint either.

For the ones of you who hasn't watched it, it is set in the current day England and runs along the original idea of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson solving crimes. I don't generally do reviews and I don't know who to explain what is so good about it except that it's funny and smart.

Another good thing is the fact that the episodes are long, just over 1 & 1/2 hours. I believe it did quite well and the first season was also later shown in Sweden so I am sure my friends there will also be waiting for the next season eagerly.

The last season was only 4 episodes long and I hope that was just to see how well it went the first time around and that this season will be longer, but I would assume that due to the length of each episode this might not be the case.

When the series first was shown there was some mentioning about whether or not Sherlock is gay and I found that a bit absurd, not because it matters if he is or isn't (though clearly it did to the people mentioning it) but because I think the writers was trying to make it clear that it didn't matter and that as with everything to do with Sherlock Holmes it is a mystery. No one knows what goes on in his head and that is the point.

I wish I could meet someone as interesting in real life, no scratch that I wish I was that interesting in real life.

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